What is podcasting?

A Podcast is a digital recording of audio content that is downloaded from the internet and listened to on either a computer or a portable media player such as an iPod.

In a nutshell, podcasting is a way for listeners to receive audio content on demand, similar to what TIVO or DVR is to television content. Listeners subscribe to your podcast via your RSS feed and automatically receive your new show as soon as it is published. The listener is able to control when and where he or she listens to your show and you maintain some level of control of your audience, as you do not need to wait for them to check for your latest show.

PodHoster makes it easy to start podcasting. Once you have recorded your podcast, we'll walk you through setting up your show and uploading your files. And with your podHoster User Control Panel, it's easy to manage your shows. PodHoster allows you to focus on your podcast and leave the technical details to us. And with plans starting at $4.95, you can get started at a price with which you're comfortable.

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